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    Cat gets comfy in box - Video

    A box is a box, no matter how small.

    box kitty’s disgruntled expression after other kitty passes by is killing me.  

    Cats are a fucking treasure

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    when you try to reblog the thing but it reblogs as a link instead of a text post


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    This Icelandic police force has the most adorable Instagram account 

    Meet the Reykjavík Metropolitan Police, serving the capital of Iceland. By the looks of their incredible Instagram account, a normal day includes holding kittens, eating candy and wearing false mustaches.

    There’s more where those came from | Follow micdotcom

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    nothing but teenage boys in an enclosed area for three years and y’all expect me to believe none of them ever sucked another’s dick

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Tiger chubs tiger chubs TIGER CHUBS YOU GUYS


    Tiger chubs tiger chubs TIGER CHUBS YOU GUYS

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    No matter how much you like to help people, help yourself first. If that means establishing limits on what you do, how you do it, and how you are accessible to get it done, then do so. Without apology. You don’t owe the world a favor. You owe yourself everything.

    So don’t mortgage yourself to try to maintain a false standard that benefits those that won’t even try while grinding you into dust. You know your limits. Set your boundaries accordingly. Keep yourself safe.

    There will always be those that demand more from you than what you are willing to give, or sell. They will be loud in your face and all caps in your inbox. They will not be satisfied until they have wrung out every mote of worth out of you and then they will spit on the dregs and say you weren’t ever good enough. Don’t give them anything. Delete them, remove them, erase them from your presence as best as you can.

    Then continue being magnificently you.

    You are more than enough. 

    Thank you.

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I’ve been watching this for 5 minutes and giggling like an idiot.

Your URL makes it even better



    I’ve been watching this for 5 minutes and giggling like an idiot.

    Your URL makes it even better

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    Trying to find people who understand my sense of humor

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    Hello! My baby!


    Hello! My honey!


    Hello! My ragtime gOOD LORD HOLY FUCKING SHIT



    Oh my god

    this is the most accurate representation of working in 3D I have ever seen

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    Tumblr Dashboard Image Sizes:

    • Photo post: 500 by 750 pixels for dashboard view; 1280 by 1920 pixels for high-res version (except for superwide panoramas).
    • Photoset: 500-pixel width for one image in a photoset row. 245-pixel width for two images in a photoset row. 160-pixel width for three images in a photoset row. Gutters are 10 pixels.
    • Audio Post: 169 by 169 pixels for album art.
    • Link Post: 130 by 130 pixels for the thumbnail image grabbed by Tumblr from web link (if available).
    • Text Post: 125-pixel width for images added to a text post, which expand when clicked.
    • Avatar: 64-by-64-pixel icon next to posts.
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